Posterior Dentistry - The Workhorse of Dentistry

Posterior - The Workhorse of General Dentistry

70 Minute lecture with Dr Lincoln Harris.

Posterior Dentistry Lecture

As we all know,  the workhorse of general dental practice, is treating toothache, caries, cracks and fracture, predominantly in posterior teeth.

We know Posterior Dentistry is the bedrock of dentistry.  Doing fillings and crowns on the back, doing onlays on back teeth, it's the basic building block of restorative dentistry. It all starts here. The ability to bond. The ability to do core build-ups. The ability to do a crown prep that is accurate, precise, efficient.

This recording is taken from our full 2-Day lecture on Posterior Dentistry.

In this seventy minute introductory lecture Dr Lincoln Harris will discuss:

  • Treatment Planning
  • Paternalism vs Autonomy
  • Patient Language
  • Cost and No regrets
  • Face, Forces and Function
  • Warning - Know the signs
  • Aesthetics, Crowding, Wear and Comfort
  • Inter Proximal + Time
  • Occluso-Osseous Space
  • Occluso - Pulpal Dimension
  • Vertical Dimension
  • Wear, Pulps and Long Term Goals
  • Resistance, Retention and Ferrule
  • Occluding Parafunction
  • Caries
  • Periodontitis, biotype
  • Warnings - RCT, Cracks, Financial Loss

Watch a sample of the content from the 70 min Lecture

Aspire to do Great Dentistry and Feel Confident 

We are passionate about dentistry and teaching, which is why we have developed this series of online lectures.  Over the next coming months we will be releasing more 1 hour lectures covering various topics surrounding:

  • Posterior Dentistry
  • Anterior Dentistry
  • Full Arch Dentistry
  • Soft Tissue Grafting for the General Dental Practice.

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Lincoln Harris, I have said it before...A kick arse leader, mentor and dentist. Very honest and sweet talk or sugar coating about your work or attitude.

Real learning starts when things go's amazing to see how he holds your hand in the most difficult phase of treatment and brings you out like nothing ever happened. Shining star of the whole show.

Dr Sonia Yadav Dentist

I want to better help my patients in all aspects and be able to provide and perform treatment to a successful and consistent standard. I’ve learnt new techniques and tips on how to improve what I’m currently doing. Thank you for sharing your experience.

Dr Lisa Liu

Great course covering topics relevant to every patient seen in general practice. Well worth the time!

Dr Amanda McCosker

The course has helped in achieving predictability in everyday restorations. It’s given me a step-by-step approach on how to restore teeth directly to achieve a good outcome that is patient-driven

Dr Sophea Hay

Dr Lincoln is excellent. Full of little tips and tricks that’ll make a big difference. It also helped being pushed to get as much as possible out of the course

Dr Oliver Ward

Lincoln is a very good hands-on teacher. He makes it very easy to understand techniques and ensures we know why we are doing it a certain way which makes it easier to remember.

Dr Arun Gnanachelvan

Dr Lincoln Harris says:

"Dentistry is HARD! What I share on the Online Dental Academy are the things I wish someone had shared with me when I was starting out.

...Over the last 20 years I have learned by trial and error what works and what doesn't. My team and I have compiled a database of clinical, practice management and patient communication videos, tips and tricks that will assist in your development as a dentist.”

“Every practicing dentist I’ve spoken with agrees that our university grad skillset barely scratched the surface of what we need to know to do high end dentistry.

It’s actually really hard to prioritize all the possible continuing education topics. So after years of learning the hard way myself, I have developed a series of lectures to pave the way for others.

In real life clinical timeframes, efficiency is key. Which is why we tackle Posterior Quadrant Dentistry first, and then move on to aesthetics with Anterior Dentistry.

With the skills that you have gained during the first two modules, you will be ready to venture into Full Arch Dentistry. And then Soft Tissue Grafting techniques, which perfect the frame of your restorative artistry.

This sequence of courses will help prepare you for Full Mouth Rehabilitation.”