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Rapid Efficient Treatment Planning 2015


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Course Details:

As a general dentist, the great challenge of treatment planning is the sheer variation in patient presentation, patient goals and patient budgets.

How do we sort through the patients presenting with tooth ache requesting an extraction, verse those who are willing to spend on root canal therapy and a crown? How do we make sure we don’t miss those that present with toothache, but would be keen to have the loss of vertical dimension restored with 14 crowns and some orthodontics?

In this two day course, we will cover:

How to find out the patients goals.

Patients rarely tell us what they actually want. They tell us what they have. “My upper right tooth is broken and my lower one hurts” tells us nothing of what the patient wants. Learn efficient techniques to cut through to the patients prime motivation. Without finding a motivator, the patient just won’t go ahead with treatment.

Efficient consulting and examination.

These days, very comprehensive examination of the patient is required and very thorough documentation. Traditionally, this was so time consuming that it limited the number of new patients that could be seen. Learn how to do extremely thorough examinations very efficiently through high level training of auxillary staff. How staff training can help you do much better notes. And how informed consent procedures can be improved with no extra time.


Learn how to integrate photography into every single patient visit and why it’s incredibly important. Why it’s worth taking a full set of photographs for every toothache patient.
Rapid treatment planning.

Learn to treatment plan concepts before specifics. Find out why most dentists treatment plan back to front. How to keep the patients goal front and centre of the treatment plan. Balancing idealism with pragmatism. When you can compromise and when you can’t.
Have the basics of your treatment plan in place before the end of the first appointment.

The biggest difficulty is marrying;

1.  The patients goal

2.  What is possible

3.  The patient’s budget.

Learn how to engage with the patient to find those that just want simple pain relief, those that want basic care, and those that want perfection.


Learn techniques to talk about money. Discuss budgets with confidence. Scale up and down treatment plans without doing poor quality work. Learn staging techniques to break up the cost. Find ways to mix and match techniques to meet a budget.

When to present early and late.

Some patients are ready to go straight away and delay will just turn them off. Other patients will need time to process the information.

How do you decide whether to go straight to final treatment plan, and when should you take time. What tactics have you got to delay treatment when necessary.

What records do you need.

1.  What records do you need to treatment plan? What records do you need to demonstrate planning?

2.  How many radiographs?
Models? Are alginates enough?

3.  What sort of bite record? Should they be deprogrammed?

4.  Should you do a full set of bite records or should it just be done to MIP?

Treatment planning practice.

Treatment planning only comes second nature with a lot of practice. Much of the second day will be spent first treatment planning cases. Initially slow detailed treatment plans will be done. Techniques to improve your speed will be studied and further exercises will be done to improve you skill and speed.

Location: Sydney
Venue: Pullman Hyde Park. 36 College Street Sydney NSW 2000
Time: Arrive at 8:30am for tea and coffee for a 9am sharp start till 5pm daily. Morning, afternoon tea and lunch provided.
Date Course I: Friday 15th and Saturday 16th (SOLD OUT)
Date Course II: Friday 22nd and Saturday 23rd May 2015 (SOLD OUT)
Date Course III: Friday 30th and Saturday 31st October 2015 (SOLD OUT)
Cost: $2300 + gst. Limited number per course. 16 hours of CE.
All courses are in Australian dollars.

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