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Restorative Courses in 2018

Anterior Dentistry 2018
With Dr Lincoln Harris and Dr Alina Ruzanova So we find that most people who come to see us actually want to look good. Whether they admit it or not. Even if sometimes it's like pulling teeth to get them to tell us. Aesthetics matter. But so does function. You will make a real difference in the lives of your patients when you give them both beautiful aesthetics and robust function! The course consists of two parts: A ttwo-daylecture and a two day hands-on in Sydney. If you have already completed Anterior Lecture you can skip it in 2018 and go straight to Hands-on.
Posterior Dentistry 2018
With Dr Lincoln Harris and Dr Pasquale Venuti As we all know, the workhorse of general dental practice is treating toothache, caries, cracks and fracture, predominantly in posterior teeth. You will be amazed at how much your efficiency increases by using the quadrant technique, because all the teeth that need treating in one entire quadrant, are done in the same appointment instead of treating single teeth over several visits. The advantages are numerous. Time-saving use of local anaesthetic in an entire area Reduced setup time Reduced infection control change over Greater comfort for the patient More convenient scheduling for both patient and practice Generates higher hourly rates for the dentist
Full Arch Dentistry 2018
With Dr Lincoln Harris and Dr Basil Mizrahi Don't learn the importance of the bite the hard (expensive) way! Maintaining or giving your patient a new bite position is the foundation of rehabilitative work. These days we often think of implants first. But there is a whole range of reasons why some people can't have them. No money No bone Medical history is too complex So we get these fortuitous opportunities to hone our old-school skills: Crown & Bridge work Partial Dentures Precision Dentures Telescopic Dentures Exotic Attachments You will learn crucial techniques for maintaining the bite (on models) and several different ways to increase vertical dimension. This course will give you the skills and understanding of workflow and principles that will allow you to do Full Mouth Rehab.
Full Mouth Live Rehab 2018
Join Dr Lincoln Harris and his team in Bargara The purpose of this course is to take people through the steps of a partial or complete rehabilitation. Acknowledging that there are many great courses that cover many details in theory, this course will be mostly focused on the practical aspects. Small Group - Limited to SIX Dentists Learn Six Handed Dentistry Techniques with my staff Treat a patient in my surgery in Bargara