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Replacing Composite FPD
Sep 02

Replacing Composite FPD


This patient presented with on old temporary bridge, I advised the patient that is was starting to get some decay and it wouldn’t last much longer.

I gave the patient a three options:

  1. Leave it till it falls out – hopefully will be able to fix it when this happens.
  2. New temporary bridge – not as long lasting, less expensive, takes less time.
  3. Porcelain bridge – lasts longer, more expensive and takes longer.
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sensitivity to cold and sweet
Aug 18

Sensitivity To Cold And Sweet


This patient has had orthodontic bands on her teeth for around 18 months and this lower premolar has been giving her trouble on and off for a little while.

The patient was complaining the tooth was aching when she eats sweets and when she bites down on it. I tried to delay this case until I had finished the ortho, however it became a bit sensitive to cold and sweet.

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restoring wear
Aug 11

Restoring Wear. Single Shade. Free Hand.


This patient has a large amount of wear which is not unusual in regional Queensland. Farmers and operators seem to get more wear on the teeth due to the hot climate drying out the mouth and then dust being abrasive.

After discussing the options advantages and disadvantages of ceramic and composite this patient chose to have composite.

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pin lingual retainer
Jul 09

Replacing Pin/Lingual Retainer FPD


Patient complained of discolour and uneven coloured front teeth following previous bonded PFM FPD.

We decided that the discolouration of the anteriors was going to be extremely difficult to even out without full coverage restorations. The patient had uneven tooth colour for quite some time and was very keen to get things as even across the four anteriors as possible.

The patient refused whitening as she did not want teeth that varied in colour quickly depending on if she had whitened or not. She also did not want to have overly white teeth.

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