Soft Tissue Grafting 2019 - Dr Lincoln Harris

Soft Tissue Hands-On 2019 With Dr Lincoln Harris

Start your Soft Tissue Grafting journey with an experience mentor to smooth the way

  • Learn to Soft Tissue Graft with confidence
  • Get comfortable with taking on more complex cases by understanding how to add management of damaged, receded or unattached soft tissue to your treatment plans
  • Add an invaluable new tool to your restorative dentistry skill-set and improve patient outcomes

In 2019 an online based lecture for this topic will be available. This will give you the understanding and theory behind the Hands-On course. 

Learning Objectives:
  • Incisions and flap design. When, Why and How
  • Graft harvest, Graft site management
  • Flap and Soft tissue manipulation
  • Case presentations for perfect exemplification
Hands-on sessions:
  • Practice all suturing techniques on soft tissue models and pig jaws
  • Multiple flap designs, graft harvests and closure techniques will be practiced, practiced and practiced.
  • Free Gingival Grafting
  • Subepithelial Connective Tissue Grafts
  • Because of the small size of our Hands-On group, discussion will tend to continue during meals, breaks. It is easy to get your questions answered since there is no need to contend with a large number of other people.

Different Grafting Techniques - and when to use them

Free Gingival Grafts

- Pre-orthodontics.

- Recession prevention.

Sub-Epithelial Connective Tissue Grafts

- Recession repair

- Biologic shaping (combined perio-restorative)


- Soft tissue aesthetics around implants

- Two stage implants

- Tissue bulk for fixed partial denture pontics

Treatment Planning Principles

The Patient’s Goal

- Controlling expectations

The Clinical Goal

- Which technique is best?

- Balancing finer outcomes against predictability

Sequencing With Multiple Procedures

- Which procedures to do before grafting and which after?

-How long should you wait before the next procedure?

-When can you do simultaneous procedures?

Harvesting Grafts

- Opportunistic implant harvests

- Sub-epithelial connective tissue

- Keratinized gingiva

- Harvest site coverage

​- Open sites

​- Closed sites

- Non palatal harvest sites

- What to do if you get a big bleed on the palate


Suturing techniques

- Interrupted with flat and locked knot

- Vertical mattress

- Sling sutures

Gut Versus Teflon

-When you want a non-resorbable suture and when you don’t

Suture Anchorage

-Palatal anchorage

-Tooth anchorage

-Periosteal anchorage

Flap Design

- Complete split thickness flap

- Complete full thickness flaps

- Partial full thickness and split flaps

- Tunneling procedures​

- Tension free closure


Expectation Management

What can go wrong?

- Common surgical errors

- Known risk factors

Planning for poor outcomes

- Techniques to recover from poor outcomes

Aspect of informed consent

-Palatal anchorage

-Tooth anchorage

-Periosteal anchorage

Pain Management

- Anxiolysis

- Analgesics

- Steroidal versus Non-Steroidal anti-inflammatories

- Dressings and packs

Two Days Hands-On with Dr Lincoln Harris

Soft Tissue Hands-On: Friday 18th and Saturday 19th October 2019

Location: Sydney 

Time: 8:30am to 5pm Daily - Sign in form 8am

CE: 26 Hours (includes 10 hours of online lectures)

Price: AUD$5785 inc GST
Payment Plan: AUD$1360 now + 6 monthly payments of $680 Total $5984 inc GST.

Limited to 30 Dentists. SOLD OUT!

Sold in Australian Dollars AUD$. 

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What people are saying about our Soft Tissue Grafting Courses...

Great course on soft tissue grafting and suture techniques for different situations. Thanks....

Dr Saif Hayek ... Dentist

Very good intro course for soft tissues and grafting principles were covered well..


Thoroughly enjoyed the course. Without doing massive tunnel grafts, there are many applications for the soft tissue skills learnt here to add more finesse to the things I'm currently doing. Everyone can take away something from this course and start implementing these skills straight away.

Dr Kathryn Burns

Dr Lincoln is engaging, truthful, experienced and speaks from the heart. He lightens the situation where needed and is serious when required. See you at the next course!

Dr Rita Lai ... Dentist

I found the course extremely informative and eye-opening. It makes you look at soft tissues in a different way and increases your ability to manage soft tissues a lot more appropriately. Overall, I am definitely a better clinician for it.

Dr Arun Gnanachelvan