RETP 2019 - Restoring Excellence

RETP - Rapid Efficient Treatment Planning with Dr Lincoln Harris

Rapid Efficient Treatment Planning Sydney OPEN Now

As a general dentist, the great challenge of treatment planning is the sheer variation in patient presentation.

  • Discover how to engage with the patient to find those that just want simple pain relief, those that want basic care, and those that want perfection.
  • How to sort through the patients presenting with tooth ache requesting an extraction, versus those who are willing to spend on root canal therapy and a crown.
  • How to make sure we don’t miss those that present with toothache, but would be keen to have the loss of vertical dimension restored with 14 crowns and some orthodontics.

We have to begin with treatment planning. No great dentistry is ever accomplished without it.

In this two day course you will learn how to marry:

  • The patient's goals
  • What is possible
  • The patient's budget

Course Topics... (Click on each heading for more info)

How to find the patient's goals (click for more)

Efficient consulting and examination (click for more)

Photography (click for more)

Rapid treatment planning (click for more) 

Consultation (click for more)

Money (click for more) 

When to present early and late (click for more)

What records do you need? (click for more)

Treatment planning practice (click for more)

Rapid Efficient Treatment Planning Sydney OPEN Now

What people are saying...

Dr Harris is a very engaging speaker and has a wealth of knowledge. Thankyou for the great course and hope to participate in further courses!

Dr Ghachi Bardan

Dr Lincoln is concise, composed, relatable and funny. Excellent course, relevant to all practitioners of all experiences.

Dr Paul Hwin

This is THE one course to take by all dentists involved in clinical dentistry in Private Practice. The whole 2 days were full of ah-ha moments. After the first 10 minutes of the course, I knew I was in the right spot! It is one of the best courses I've attended this year. Incredible value for money and principles that are easily put into practice the next day. The amazing clinician shares all his expertise in a fun and easy to understand way. The big plus of this RETP course is the simple and down to earth tips and tricks you get to add to your own treatment planning thinking/presenting workflow. I loved every minute of it and is highly recommended to all my colleagues.

Bogdan Acatrinei

Invaluable advice for communicating with patients- To give patients options and to guide our treatment plans. One further case accepted covers the cost of the course.

Gareth Jones

Before attending Lincoln`s course, I was doing things by "The doctor knows best" mentality and was sort of forcing my treatment plan on the patients. Now I listen to their problems, let them know what I see additional to that, give the patients options,risks and cost and they choose what they want to do.

I learned- Better communication in regards with costs with the patients, especially costly treatment plans. - Not to be "emotionally" attached to the patients tooth. 🙂

Lincoln covered everything!

Ruan Bezuidenhout