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RADOSLAW: Next Level Bone & Soft Tissue Grafting

3-Day Lecture

7,8,9 June 2017 - Sydney

1-Day Hands-On

10 June 2017 - Sydney


Attendees - What you need to know...

Bring to Lectures:
Laptop or another device for taking notes
Your Lecture Hand-Out will be on USB

Bring to Hands-On:
Your loupes - spare batteries
Head Lamp

Please note NO VIDEO RECORDING without prior permission is allowed.

Event Details:
Venue: Pullman Hyde Park
Location: 36 College Street Sydney NSW 2010
Parking: Valet parking is available however space is limited, contact the Pullman for more information. If catching a train hop off at St James Station and walk about 650m to the venue.

Date Lectures: Wednesday 7, Thursday 8, Friday 9th June 2017
Time: 8:00 am tea and coffee for a 8:30 am sharp start till 5 pm daily.
Date Hands-On: Saturday 10th June 2017
Time: 7:00 am tea and coffee for a 7:30 am sharp start till 5 pm daily.

Provided: Morning, afternoon tea and a lunch.

Do you want to achieve perfect soft and hard tissues aesthetics?

Learn how to utilise your knowledge of anatomy to achieve surgical goals.

3-Day Lectures:

Intensive course for clinicians: A full know-how, from the basics to advanced and rare reconstruction techniques. Managing complications.What you will learn:

• Diagnostics, matching procedures to individual cases.

• Tips and tricks.• Practical use of the knowledge of anatomy, physiology and histology for the surgeon.

• All about the sinus-lift technique – from the basics to advanced and cutting edge techniques (access from the hard palate, croco-eye technique, the use of Versah burs).

• Technique of alveolar ridge split, technique of reversed alveolar ridge, reconstructions in the lateral aspect of the mandible, tentpole technique, osteo-periosteal flaps, covering recession, soft and hard tissue grafts, one wound concept (no donor site wound), lateralization of the alveolar inferior nerve.

• Treatment of purulent sinusitis following sinus-lift, control of hemorrhages, closure of oroantral fistulas.

  • Local anesthetic techniques for larger surgeries.
    How to use maintain better blood supply around soft and hard tissues.
    How to keep better haemostasis and a drier field.
    Multiple techniques for dealing with greater palatine artery bleeds.
    Pharmacokinetics in pre and post op medication regimes. Why sometimes adding antibiotics to grafts is useless.
    Avoiding scars through careful incision placement.
    Post operative care
  • Multiple methods of improving soft tissue volume without scarring using both auto and xenografts.
    Multiple methods of introducing membranes and graft material without disturbing the crucial gingival tissues.
    Grafts in the anterior without scars and maintaining full volume of preoperative tissues.
    Maintaining papilla with adjacent implants.
    Novel methods of protecting socket grafts.
  • Multiple methods of grafting the narrow mandibular ridge.
    Multiple methods of gaining vertical augmentation with both auto and xenograft.
    Use of bone plates to simplify grafting.
    Ridge splits, block grafts, Khouri bone plates, tenting screws.


1. Preparing the split flap

a. Hot cut off the muscles• Preparing the full flap• How to extend the flap• How to take a subepithelial connective tissue graft from the hard palate.• How to prepare a rolled pedicled flap from the hard palate.• How to close the Great Palatine Artery.

  • 1. Correct technique for sealing a socket with latex or other non resorbable membrane.
    2. Correct dissection of split flap to avoid bleeding and swelling and to get better advancement..
    3. Ideal dissection of muscles from periosteum for better closure of wounds.
    4. Refinement of sub-epithelial harvest techniques.
    5. Exotic flaps such as the rolled, inverted periosteum.
    6. Variations on ridge splits.
    7. Four different kinds of lateral windows. Removal of septas. Correction of perforations.


Venue: Pullman Hyde Park
Location: 36 College Street Sydney NSW 2010

Date Lectures: Wednesday 7, Thursday 8, Friday 9th June
Time: 8am tea and coffee for a 8:30am sharp start till 5 pm daily

Date Hands-On: Saturday 10th June
Time: 7am tea and coffee for a 7:30am sharp start till 5 pm daily


In 2001 – Dr Radoslaw Jadach graduated from the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry, Wroclaw Medical University. Between 2002 and 2012 Dr. Radoslaw Jadach worked in the Department of Emergency Medicine University of Wroclaw, Department of Medicine Oral Mucosal and Periodontal Diseases University of Wroclaw, and Was a physician in the Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Medical University of Wroclaw.

He received complementary management training in implant soft tissues held in prestigious centers in the years 2005-2013: New York, Berlin, Stuttgart, and Genoa. In 2009 Dr. Radoslaw Jadach began training at the University of New York: Continuing Education Linhart Dental Program NYU Implant Continuum Education & OSIS & CEIA, which ended in August 2012 and has been certified at New York University.

What people are saying...

  • Doing Lincoln's course has been a turning point in my career. Communication, treatment planning, clinical hints/tips all in one. Would recommend to anyone who want to move from single tooth dentistry to multi units or full mount dentistry. - Dr Wei Shen
  • Simple approaches for complex issues that make sense. - Dr Andrew Thorpe
  • Great, approachable, knowledgeable, "real", funny and entertaining. - Dr Sienna Pat
  • Dr Harris is very knowledgeable, experienced and happy to share his positive as well as negative experiences. - Dr Shweta Goyal
  • Such a fun-filled learning experience! - Dr Mithun Shetty
  • Great, flexible and structured way for creating treatment plans for complex cases. - Dr Hannah Thangasamy
  • Dr Harris is very knowledgeable in multiple aspects of dentistry, has a good sense of humor and is very easy to listen to. The course was a real eye-opener to the variety of methods we can use to tackle cases that we see of may come across in general practice. It has changed my view on how I would approach more complex cases in the future. - Dr Joy Lee
  • Great course - lots of practical information that I can actually impelment. - Dr Rishay Naidoo