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Practice Mentoring

Practice Mentoring – 12 month program. Start anytime, run all year round.

Having been to countless hours of practice management seminars and had various consultants in my own practice, I’ve distilled it down to the things that are important and the ones that are not. When mentoring, I will help a practice focus on the three key issues.

  1. Getting staff to take the load off the dentist.
  2. Sufficient and effective marketing.
  3. Clinical excellence.

In the vast majority of cases, dentists do not utilise their staff enough. Many functions that a dentist does can be done by auxiliary staff. This frees up time and increases time utilisation. In effect, allows the dentist to do more dentistry.

Getting an effective team takes years, but I will help you put the basics in place and my staff will help with HR issues as they arise (such as where to go to get adivce to fire someone, or to deal with an under-performing employee). Rebecca and Gayle in my office are a fountain of knowledge for dealing with these issues and you are welcome to contact them either on the consulting FB page, or on the phone.

During the 12 months I will visit your practice once, and at least three members of my team will visit to help train your team in front office, HR, marketing, business, six handed dentistry or the particular area you need assistance with. In addition to this a training group and online member only mentorship access will be available to you and your staff.

Sufficient and effective marketing is the cornerstone of success in dentistry. We will help you set a decent budget, and work on strategies that bring in new patients. There is no one formula that works in this regard, however, there are things that are generally important to all marketing. Like having effective copy. I work with a team of people in regard to marketing and I will advise you of who best to deal with as they come along.

Unlike most consultants, I can also help you with treatment planning and dental problems. These can be brought up at any time and discussed over facebook, phone or email. Other things we can help with are;

  1. Is your next capital outlay wise for your stage of practice?
  2. Where should you allocate CE budgets and is yours enough?
  3. Photography.
  4. Work flow.

Fee: * $2000 (+gst) per month for a minimum of 12 months paid for month in advance. Start anytime, mentoring runs all year round. Travel expenses for Dr Harris and team when travelling are to be paid on top of the fee when arises. Marketing expenses or third party advice costs not included in the fee.

The purpose of the program is to help you gain the skills necessary in multidisplinary dentistry, but also the business systems and marketing skills to provide such patients. No guarantee is made regarding clinical or financial success. A lot will depend on how diligently you implement systems and your own natural skills.

All courses are in Australian dollars.

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