Posterior Quadrant Dentistry Sydney 2016

Posterior Quadrant Dentistry Sydney 2016

Quadrant Dentistry
Posterior Quadrant Dentistry Sydney 2016 with Dr Lincoln Harris, Dr Pasquale Venuti and Dr Sahil Soni

Venue: ADA Centre of Professional Development
  71-73 Lithgow St, St Leonards NSW 2065

Cost Level 1: $4000 + GST (2 day lecture + 1 day hands-on)
Cost Level 2: $1200 + GST (2 day lecture)

Course Dates: 17th and 18th (Lectures) and 19th (Hands-On) November 2016.
CE: 16 – 24 hours of CE
Level 1 limited to just 20 dentists.
Level 2 limited to just 50 dentists.

All courses are in Australian dollars.

Posterior Quadrant Dentistry Sydney 2016.

The workhorse of general dental practice is treating toothache, caries, cracks and fracture, predominantly in posterior teeth.

To do this efficiently, this is approached using the quadrant technique, where all the teeth that need treating in one quadrant, are done in the same appointment.

The biggest advantage of this technique is the efficient use of local anaesthetic, and the minimization of setup and infection control times compares with doing single teeth. It is largely more comfortable for the patient, more convenient for their schedules, and generates higher hourly rates for the dentist.

In this course, Pasquale and I, with the help of Sahil Soni, will show you how to treat a quadrant of teeth efficiently, effectively and in a way that is practical and possible in a profitable general practice.

The course will consist of two parts. A two-day lecture which is venue limited to fifty people and a one-day hands on limited to 20 people using manikins.

Day One and Two – Lecture only limited to 50 people.

Venue: ADA Centre of Professional Development
  71-73 Lithgow St, St Leonards NSW 2065

Level 2: $1200 + GST (2 day lecture) limited to 50 dentists
Course Dates: 17th and 18th November 2016.
CE: 16 hours of CE

In the lecture, we will examine;

Do no harm.

Techniques – Isolation.
General isolation in practice. Making it fast and predictable.
The unclampables. How to isolate impossible cases.
DMA (Deep Margin Acquisition).
DME (Deep Margin Elevation) When you should. When you shouldn’t. Absolute requirements to make it work.
Can we isolate without rubber dam?

Soft Tissue Management.
Soft tissue convenience form. Modifying the soft tissue to make ideal restoration of teeth possible without a battle. Efficient and effective gingivectomy strategies.
Recession. Restore? Ignore? Graft?
When is a gingivectomy enough, and when should we look for a full crown lengthening procedure.

Local Anesthetic.
Tips for anaesthetising an entire quadrant comfortably, deeply and how to manage LA for longer appointments.
Spotting difficult to numb patients and how to manage.

Ideal preparations for composite and ceramics. What is important? What is trendy?
Tips for prepping multiple teeth.
How to make indirect preps faster, smoother and neater.
Prepping for adhesive restorations compared to cemented restorations.
Work flow when there are directs, indirect adhesive, and indirect cemented in the same quadrant.

Core Build Ups.
Why not just bond the restoration to the tooth?
What is the advantage and disadvantage of a core build up?
Step by step procedure to make it fast and excellent.
Immediate dentine sealing? How and when. Is it clinically significant?

What’s necessary. What’s good. What’s just facebook nonsense.
Why many multi-shade techniques are a waste of time and compromise the long-term result.
How to generate anatomy and good aesthetics with a single shade.
How to get post placement adjustments to a minimum.

The exotics.
Customised matrixing. How, when and where to customize your matrix.

How to temporise unretentive restorations (without having a CAD CAM).
How to temporise vertical preparations.
How to temporise multiple teeth.

Three techniques for quadrant impressions.
Triple trays and full arch.
Retraction techniques.
Dealing with bleeding.

Spotting lab errors before the patient is in the chair.

Common lab errors with indirects.
How to get better lab work from techs.

Isolation for Insertion.

Step by step bonding techniques.
Why biofilm is crucial to bond failure.
Heated composite or dedicated bonding cement?
Why Pasquale sometimes does the hole even though it breaks the rules.
Tips for cleaning up.

Checking Occlusion and post op follow up.

Day Three – Hands on only limited to 20 people.

Venue: ADA Centre of Professional Development
  71-73 Lithgow St, St Leonards NSW 2065

Cost Level 1: $4000 + GST (2 day lecture + 1 day hands-on) Limited to 20 Dentists
Course Dates: 17th and 18th (Lectures) and 19th (Hands-On) November 2016.
CE: 24 hours

Prep and Bond.
Ceramic onlay with full step by step on extracted tooth.

Prep and Restore in a Quadrant
Multiple class 2 cavities direct
Onlay preps

Prep multiple complex composites and restore
Prep multiple crown preps.
Restore multiple back to back class 2 direct composites.

Step by Step Prep.
Core and bond indirect on an extracted tooth.

Joining Dr Lincoln Harris to present this course:

Dr Pasquale Venuti

Dr Pasquale Venuti

“Dr. Pasquale Venuti received his DDS from the University of Naples “Federico II” cum laude in 1999. He is in full time practice in Mirabella Eclano, Italy, as a general dentist. In cooperation with Dr. David Clark, Dr. John Khademi and Dr. Marco Maiolino he founded a group “Tomorrow Tooth”, whose goal is to share Outcome-Based and Patient-Centered Dentistry. He lectures internationally on a variety of topics related to restorative and prosthetic dentistry”

Dr Sahil Soni

Dr Sahil Soni

“Dr Sahil Soni graduated from the University of Otago in New Zealand and has been in private practice for the past 6 years. As a dentist his aim is always to try to do dentistry that he can be proud of. Working in people's mouths is challenging at the best of times, however using rubber dam for most restorative procedures has allowed him to maintain his passion for dentistry and make it less stressful.”