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Meet Restoring Excellence and RIPE founder Dr Lincoln Harris...

Dr Lincoln Harris will not accept sponsorship from a company or endorse a product that he doesn't believe in.

This exclusive invitation to work with him comes because he already appreciates some of the quality product that your company offers.

Dr Lincoln Harris has become the opinion leader that both dentists and dental organisations look to. With his vast dental knowledge, his combined understanding of business and clinical issues, he is one of the most influential dentists in the profession worldwide. 

The widespread respect for his opinions and his extensive audience means that any company or product he uses and endorses gains great credibility by his association.

Passionate about sharing knowledge and widening connections within the dental community, Dr Harris posts frequently on various dental forums which achieve a reach far beyond that of the usual conference speaker.

  • Exponential Reach
  • Uniquely placed to reach dental professionals locally and internationally, Dr Lincoln Harris has a 42000+ following worldwide.

    He is well known for his frankness and honesty which lends enormous weight to his opinions.

    The significance in being associated with him is unmistakeable.

  • Your Partnership with Restoring Excellence
  • The greatest benefit in this type ofpartnership is the opportunity to beassociated with Dr Harris andother influential dentists who arewidely regarded as authorities withinthe dental community, and interactwith customers who trust theirjudgement.

    You will enjoy the fact that we only offer to be associated with companies whose products we already use and love!

Partnership with Restoring Excellence includes a wide variety of
Dental focused events with well known Industry Leaders including:

  • Rapid Efficient Treatment Planning with Dr Lincoln Harris
  • Sydney, New South Wales Australia.
    Melbourne, Victoria Australia.

  • Full Mouth Live Rehab with Dr Lincoln Harris
  • Bargara, Queensland Australia.

  • Radoslaw: Next Level Bone and Soft Tissue with Dr Radoslaw Jadach

Sydney, New South Wales Australia.

  • Anterior Dentistry with Dr Lincoln Harris and Dr Angelo Lazaris
  • Sydney, NSW Australia

  • Posterior Quadrant Dentistry with Dr Lincoln Harris and Dr Pasquale Venuti
  • Sydney, NSW Australia

  • Full Arch Dentistry with Dr Lincoln Harris and Dr Basil Mizrahi
  • Sydney, NSW Australia

  • Soft Tissue Grafting with Dr Lincoln Harris and Dr Florin Bobia
  • Sydney, NSW Australia

There is also opportunity to Sponsor international events with
Restoring Excellence and World renowned speakers including:

  • Rapid Efficient Treatment Planning with Dr Lincoln Harris
  • London, UK
    Boston, USA

  • RICARDO: Soft Tissue Contour Planning and Execution with Dr Ricardo Kern
  • Berlin, Germany
    London, UK

  • R.I.P.E. Restorative Implant Practice Excellence: Full Protocol
  • Worldwide Forum - 60,000 members and growing.

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