Live Rehab Course 2015 - Restoring Excellence

Live Rehab Course 2015

Live Rehab Course with Dr Lincoln Harris.

The purpose of this course is to take people through the steps of a partial or complete rehabilitation. Acknowledging that there are many great courses that cover many details in theory, this course will be mostly focused on the practical aspects.

You will need to attend the pre-requisite treatment planning course in May. This will allow you the skills to prescribe a wax up and have it done before you arrive for the rehab course.

Participants will visit my office at Bargara three times August, September and October. You will need to bring a patient for two or three of those visits, depending on the case. Ongoing mentorship via the internet, email and phone will continue for 12 months from the start of the program. (The pre-requisite treatment planning course). My assisting staff will be available so that you can learn some six handed dentistry techniques (if you don’t do it already) and to help you source any of the materials we use that you find helpful.

Session ONE August 14/15 2015

Prepping and temporizing.

The first stage will focus on starting the teeth preps. For some cases, it will be appropriate to go straight to the final preps and others will need an intermediate stage in temporaries.

Practical techniques will include

The additive reductive technique to avoid excessive tooth structure removal. Reduction guides may be used.
Techniques for efficiently anesthetizing and prepping multiple teeth.
Efficient core build ups.
Assessment of existing teeth via dismantling all previous dentistry.
Creation of temporaries in either full arches or multiple segments.
If your case is simpler, final impressions may be taken on the first day.
Adjustment of temporaries for aesthetics and comfort.

Session Two September 18/19 2015

Final preps and final impressions. (If your case was simpler, you may be seating this appointment)

Getting records for accurate laboratory communication.
Getting consistent high quality preps.
Maintain the bite as you prep a full or partial arch.
Hemostasis without fancy equipment.
Excellent tissue retraction for excellent impressions.
Full arch, high quality impressions.
Relining or remaking temporaries.

Session Three October 16-17 2015

Insertion (if your case was simpler, you may be prepping the other arch.).

Assessing laboratory work including how to spot restorations that won’t seat.Techniques for isolation. Rubber dam, non rubber dam, and segmental techniques.
Techniques for bonding versus cementation.
Preparing the teeth for cementation.
Cleanup techniques for cement or adhesives.
Adjusting bites.

Venue: Harris Dental Boutique, Suite 2/16 See Street, Bargara Queensland 4670.
Course Dates: August 14/15, September 18/19 and October 16/17 2015.
Cost: $12000 + gst. Limited to 3 attendees per year. (SOLD OUT for 2015)
CPD: 60+ hours of CE (we will work hard).
All courses are in Australian dollars.