Implant Live Hands-On Observer Bargara - Restoring Excellence


If you are new to Implants then this course is for you. Implant Live Hands-On will give you the opportunity to learn, see, and feel as if you are right there during each procedure without the worry or stress of performing the surgery yourself.

If you are not quite ready for Live Patient Surgery this is for you! 


  • Limited to 12 Hands-On Observers (not performing live patient surgery)
  • Watch up to 3 live surgeries per day
  • Lecture Sessions
  • One-on-One Mentoring
  • Case Planning
  • Hands-On Sessions - working on soft tissue models, implant models or pig jaws
  • Registration includes 3 x 3 Day modules - February, June and September 2019
  • 3 group dinners - 1 per module
  • Morning/afternoon tea and lunch daily (9 days total)
  • 12 months access to RE Online Academy - Clinical Excellence Recordings
  • 12 Month payment plans
Implant Live Course

Implant Live Hands-On Bargara 2019

Location: Shop 4/16 See Street Bargara, Queensland 4670.
Venue: Restoring Excellence Training Facility
Course Dates: February, June and September 2019
Module One: 21, 22, 23 February 2019
Module Two: 13,14,15 June 2019
Module Three: 12,13,14 September 2019
Time: Thursday 2pm to 8pm. Friday/Saturday 8am to 10pm
CPD: 90+ Hours of CE. 3 days per module.

Pay in FullAUD$9300 +GST 
Payment Plan: AUD$9500 +GST ($2450 today + 10 x $705)
Just 12 Places Available!

The purpose of this course is to be METICULOUS, it is not about lots of implants! 

It is to learn to do things well. 

This course will be focused on quality not quantity.


As a Hands-On attendee you will: 

  • Watch up to 3 live surgeries per day 
  • Attend all lecture sessions including case planning
  • Attend all Hands-On Sessions - working on soft tissue models, implant models or pig jaws
  • Practice implant placement - on models
  • Practice correct tissue handling - on models
  • Practice several types and learn several graft techniques - on models
  • One-on-One mentoring
  • Question time


We will discuss patent's treatment so you will have the knowledge to correctly plan and execute a treatment plan. 

The course is spread over a long period of time, we don’t want to teach you to rush implants, rushing implants is what causes most implants to fail.

We want to teach you to do a good, safe, solid job with a good outcome aesthetically, functionally and with low risks of complications.

In the initial module we will focus on:

  • Building Soft Tissue
  • Building Hard Tissue
  • Extracting the tooth with correct socket management
  • Other treatment to give you the best situation for implant placement

At the second module:

  • You will WATCH the place an implant/s in the grafting area
  • With further soft tissue modification if necessary

The third module will vary depending on the case/s:

  • You will WATCH uncovering of implants or
  • Impressions of implants or
  • Further surgeries 
Dr Ryan Liang

REVIEW - Implant Live Bargara 2018 with Lincoln Harris.

CONTENT: The surgeries we performed were not basic surgeries. Complex grafts and sinus surgeries were performed. Relevant soft tissue procedures were performed. I learnt that it's technically demanding and time consuming to suture properly. I learnt how to raise a flap properly to make suturing easier. I also learnt about record keeping and post-operative care. Despite the difficulty in the procedures performed I felt adequately supported. Feedback was delivered in the form of seeing the patient for followup surgery and through reviews that Lincoln performed.

FACILITIES AND LOCATION: Working in Harris Dental Boutique is an experience of its own. I have drawn inspiration on some of the protocols implemented in Lincoln's practice. His auxiliaries are helpful and friendly. Since we had to assist each other for cases I was trained on properly assisting techniques so that I can pass this on to my own assistants. Bargara is your typical coastal country town with beautiful beaches.

CATERING: I would almost come to the course on the hospitality alone!

TLDR: Implant Live: Bargara is a special course. We worked hard and we played hard. I learnt more than just about implants, I learnt how to be a better surgeon and a better dentist overall.

Dr Maryam Khan

Dr Lincoln is excellent. Easy to pay attention to him speaking and I never felt like I was losing concentration. Captivating speaker...

Dr Arun Gnanachelvan

Lincoln is a very good hands-on teacher. He makes it very easy to understand techniques and ensures we know why we are doing it a certain way which makes it easier to remember.

Dr Camelia Maris

Fantastic, well-organised course. Theory component blended seamlessly into the practical hands-on component. This course gave me the confidence to begin simple procedures when I get home

Dr Jamie Lam - Dentist

Dr Lincoln is Excellent. Most engaging speaker I have ever listened to.

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