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Over 10 years ago I placed my first implant under supervision. I'd done a whole bunch of theoretical courses I'd been to lectures, I thought I understood really what implants was about and as my confidence built I made mistakes.

I didn't make mistakes when I started but it was as my confidence built and suddenly I had quite large disasters to deal with.

I went and did training overseas in Cambodia and I learnt advanced surgical techniques and I was even more confident and I came home and I had even bigger disasters.

It's been my dream for a long time now to have an implant course where we try to help people avoid the big disasters and what was the biggest disaster? The biggest disaster in implant in history is teaching people to put screws in holes without teaching them bone grafting first. This is my opinion.

The bone graft is the bit where it all goes wrong or it all goes right but we focus most people's training on how to drill a hole and put a screw in which is really easy. So most the time when we're putting the screw in wrong is because there's not enough bone or we try and put in a bone graft simultaneously and it doesn't work and then we have threads out. So a lot of our big mistakes come from an inability to graft.

So how can I put all this together and then one day it dawned on me run the course in Australia with, Australian regulations, Australian laws so that you get to do dentistry the way you would in your practice. Not some different country or different philosophy or different legal arrangement where you can make all sorts of mistakes and learn bad habits but actually here where you have the fear of AHPRA breathing down your neck.

So how does Implant Live work? We teach you to graft first. So the first module you are going to learn to graft and then because it set up over such a long period of time you can come back and you can see your first cases and see how they're actually healing.

It's not just a matter of here's a case we do an implant and then you never see it and you assume that it works. We want you to see the bone grafting, the tissue building, then we want you to see how it's healed and then what it feels like to drill into your own bone graft and how it's gone.

So the key parts of the course I've set up is that you work to the same standard here that you would have to do in your practice because you're under the same legal and regulatory environment. I teach you as if they're my patients.

I teach you grafting and have you doing bone grafts very early on so that it's not like some scary procedure that you learn to do after you do implant but it's something that you learn as part of implant dentistry so you will actually do as much grafting through this course as you do implants so that when you finish you're no longer afraid to do a bone graft you're not afraid to a soft tissue growth.

It's just part of implant dentistry and that's how it should be and then you get to see your cases over the period of time so you can see how your own work develops. You can see what worked what didn't work and you will get to see the post-operative follow up of your procedures. So they are the key parts of Implant Live that I think make this incredibly special. 

Come and join us. Look forward to seeing you.

Hear from 2018 Course Attendees

FOR Australian Dentists BY Australian Dentists

with Australian Patients in Australia

Do you feel comfortable placing implants?

Dr Lincoln Harris Dentist. Mentor.

I know when I started learning implants, I had a lot of theory. Yet when it came time to do the surgery, I found that the theory did not translate that well to practice.

No one can describe the feeling of an implant drill popping through the cortical bone. No one can read a book and easily carry out a split flap with membrane and xenograft. There are things you must see and do to understand the feel.

More importantly, grafting is often taught as an afterthought to placing implants even though it is really the most important and difficult part of the procedure.

I started this Implant Live Patient course to provide the sort of live surgery experience to take you from theory to practice. The focus is on doing surgery continuously for six days.

In my early years, I did similar courses overseas, however I found that because the regulatory environment was different, the techniques we learned were not always appropriate for Australia.

Doing our Implant Live Patient course here, you learn the focus on documentation, planning and risk management needed for the working in Australia on Australian patients. Surgically, there will be a heavy focus on grafting, allowing the grafts to heal, and then placing the implants several months later. You will learn to graft and sinus lift before you learn to drill.

Implant Live Patient Course

Implant Live Bargara 2019

Location: Shop 4/16 See Street Bargara, Queensland 4670.

Venue: Restoring Excellence Training Facility

Course Dates: February, June and September 2019

Module One: 21, 22, 23 February 2019

Module Two: 13,14,15 June 2019

Module Three: 12,13,14 September 2019

CPD: 90+ hours of CE (we will work you hard). 3 days per Module. 

Time: Thursday 2pm to 8pm. Friday/Saturday 8am to 10pm

If you are already experienced placing implants.

If you are fairly new to implants.

Dr Arun Gnanachelvan

Lincoln is a very good hands-on teacher. He makes it very easy to understand techniques and ensures we know why we are doing it a certain way which makes it easier to remember.

Dr Alvin Lee

I do quite a bit of surgery but I wanted to do better. I believe this course allows me to do just that.

Dr Neeraj Bangalore

I already do flaps and suturing regularly, however, what I learnt today will improve all surgery I will do, not just grafting.

Dr Qasim Shahid

You start off way out of your depth but Lincoln holds your hand and walks you through it.

Dr Arun Gnanachelvan

I found the course extremely informative and eye-opening. It makes you look at soft tissues in a different way and increases your ability to manage soft tissues a lot more appropriately. Overall, I am definitely a better clinician for it.

If you are already experienced placing implants.

If you are fairly new to implants.

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