Full Mouth Live Rehab 2018 - Restoring Excellence

Full Mouth Live Rehab 2018

Join Dr Lincoln Harris and his team in Bargara

The purpose of this course is to take people through the steps of a partial or complete rehabilitation. Acknowledging that there are many great courses that cover many details in theory,
this course will be mostly focused on the practical aspects.

  • Small Group - Limited to SIX Dentists
  • Learn Six Handed Dentistry Techniques with my staff
  • Treat a patient in my surgery in Bargara

3 Sessions

Bargara, Queensland

soft tissue sweden

Full Mouth Live Rehab 2018 with Dr Lincoln Harris

Location: Shop 2/16 See Street Bargara, Queensland 4670.
Venue: Harris Dental Boutique
Course Dates: March 16/17, April 13/14, May 11/12 2018
Pay in Full Cost: $13750 (inc gst)
Pay in Installments Cost: $2300 now + $2000 p/m x 6 (inc gst)
CPD: 60+ hours of CE (we will work hard).
Limited to 6 attendees per year.

All courses are in Australian dollars

Full Mouth Live Rehab 2018 Prerequsite

You will need to attend the prerequisite Rapid Efficient Treatment Planning course.
This will allow you the skills to prescribe a wax up and have it done before you arrive for the rehab course. 
Contact us to complete this course before attending FMR.


You will need to bring a patient or we can supply one for you for two or three of those visits, depending on the case.

Ongoing mentorship via the internet, email and phone will continue for 12 months from the start of the program. (The pre-requisite treatment planning course).

My assisting staff will be available so that you can learn some six handed dentistry techniques (if you don’t do it already) and to help you source any of the materials we use that you find helpful.


​Participants and their patients will visit my office at Bargara three times March, April and May. You are responsible for your own Lab Bill and Travel arrangements for yourself and your patient. 

We will want full arch impressions and facebow, and bite record taken with a leaf gauge BEFORE the first patient session, so the Lab can do the full mouth wax-up and make you some shell temporaries.

These will be necessary for your first day.

It’s also ideal if you get the Lab to make your patient an AMPSA bite guard to wear nightly until the first appointment.

Ongoing mentorship in a private group forum where you will upload your cases:

1. Post full set of photos.
2. Get upper and lower silicone impression and post close up photos so I can check that it’s good enough for a bite guard.
3. Get upper and lower full arch silicone impressions, facebow, protrusive and centric bite.
4. Send to Lab so you can get cutback guides, temps, waxup done.

You can use your own Lab, but I would prefer you use mine, so I can help you control the procedure. If your case involves exotic castings like precision dentures, we may need to get things done by other labs.

You will each be responsible for your own lab bill and travel arrangements for yourself and your patient.

SESSION ONE March 16-17 2018

Prepping and Temporizing.

The first stage will focus on starting the teeth preps. For some cases, it will be appropriate to go straight to the final preps and others will need an intermediate stage in temporaries.

Practical techniques will include:

  1. The additive reductive technique to avoid excessive tooth structure removal. Reduction guides may be used.
  2. Techniques for efficiently anesthetizing and prepping multiple teeth.
    Efficient core build ups.
  3. Assessment of existing teeth via dismantling all previous dentistry.
  4. Creation of temporaries in either full arches or multiple segments.
  5. If your case is simpler, final impressions may be taken on the first day.
  6. Adjustment of temporaries for aesthetics and comfort.

SESSION TWO April 13-14 2018

Final preps and final impressions. (If your case was simpler, you may be seating this appointment)

  1. Getting records for accurate laboratory communication.
  2. Getting consistent high quality preps.
  3. Maintain the bite as you prep a full or partial arch.
  4. Hemostasis without fancy equipment.
  5. Excellent tissue retraction for excellent impressions.
  6. Full arch, high quality impressions.
  7. Relining or remaking temporaries.

SESSION THREE May 11-12 2018

Insertion (if your case was simpler, you may be prepping the other arch).

  1. Assessing laboratory work including how to spot restorations that won’t seat.
  2. Techniques for isolation. Rubber dam, non rubber dam, and segmental techniques.
  3. Techniques for bonding versus cementation.
  4. Preparing the teeth for cementation.
  5. Cleanup techniques for cement or adhesives.
  6. Adjusting bites.


FMR review :Final Module completedCourse : I went to learn FMR and learned a very practical approach to it .Course teaches you many more things along with FMRAlso teaches you what not do??Best hands on ,Live patient course I have ever done.Facility : an wonderful team and well equipped surgery.Thanks to Jynni Harris ,Gayle and all the girls.

Special thanks to Michelle Tran .Teaches us about team effort,how to train your team ,how to be an efficient DA ,new techniques of crown prep,IMP,cementation,core build ups,vertical preps,furcation preps,Occlusion,bite,temporising ,importance of good lab( Thank you Ian )anxiolytics and many more.No single course will teach you these many tips ,tricks,techniques,communication skills.

Facilitator/Mentor/the Boss : Lincoln Harris i have said it before ..A kick arse leader,mentor and dentist. Very difficult to satisfy.

Very honest and straightforward.no sweet talk or sugar coating about your work or attitude.

He looks after his patients and makes sure everyone else does too.Very fussy about the work and level of perfection.Real learning starts when things go wrong..it's amazing to see how he holds your hand in the most difficult phase of treatment and brings you out like nothing ever happened.Shining star of the whole show .

People are asking me ..Is it worth the money ??My answer : for a live patient course and level of learning "It's priceless,no comparison with money ".Thanks you to all the Colleagues

Dr Sonia Yadav 
Dentist - QLD

A great course which does not just focus on full mouth rehab. I was expecting to get a recipe for full mouth reconstructions when I signed up for this course. Lincoln's way of teaching is so engaging and unique that you forget about asking for recipe, he gives you all the ingredients and foundations you need for a rehab and gives you enough encouragement to formulate your own recipe by the end of the course.

He do not concentrate just on teaching the case you are treating but also teaches 6 hand dentistry, photography, staff training, financial planning of the case, emotional aspects of treatment, what can go wrong, how to come over difficult situations, working for long hours, precision and perfection in dentistry, he made a nice blend of so many aspects of dentistry while making it very entertaining at the same time. His staff are very well trained and are there at every stage to help and teach, especially Jackie and Michelle taught me so much about photography and how to make staff work for you the way you want.

Lincoln Harris is very patient with my level of knowledge and made me feel very comfortable to ask even dumbest of questions. Jynni Harris hospitality is fantastic and she has constant smile on her face, i don't know how she manages it, now I know how Lincoln can focus so much on dentistry. It was a fantastic group to attend the course with, thank you guys for the support. Over all , a fantastic course from start to finish which gave me enough confidence to treat multiple teeth at same time and also gave inspiration to do great dentistry with out compromise. Thank you Lincoln Harris for everything

Dr Vivek Reddy 
Dentist - WA

Full Mouth Live Rehab 2018

Bargara, Queensland

soft tissue sweden

Full Mouth Live Rehab 2018 with Dr Lincoln Harris

Location: Shop 2/16 See Street Bargara, Queensland 4670.
Venue: Harris Dental Boutique
Course Dates: March 16/17, April 13/14, May 11/12 2018
Pay in Full Cost: AUD$13750 (inc gst)
Pay in Installments Cost: $2300 now + $2000 p/m x 6 (inc gst)
CPD: 60+ hours of CE (we will work hard).
Limited to 6 attendees per year.

All courses are in Australian dollars

Anterior Dentistry

Presenting Soft Tissue Grafting is Dr Lincoln Harris 

Dr Lincoln Harris has been completely focused on excellence and quality from the beginning of his career as a dentist. He established the first private dental practice in Bargara – Harris Dental Boutique in 2000. Since graduation he has trained extensively in Aesthetic Implant Techniques and Full Mouth Rehabilitation to attain immense skill and knowledge.

With his vast dental knowledge Dr Harris coaches and trains dentists from all over the world on complex aesthetic dentistry, surgical techniques and business management. Dr Harris has also lectured in multiple cities throughout Australia, North America, Asia, Singapore, United Kingdom and Europe.