Full Arch Dentistry 2019 - Dr Lincoln Harris

Full Arch Dentistry Hands-On 2019
with Dr Lincoln Harris

Maintaining or giving your patient a new bite position is the foundation of rehabilitative work. 

Don't learn the importance of the bite the hard (expensive) way!

During this two day hands-on course you will learn crucial techniques for maintaining the bite (in a sim lab) and several different ways to increase vertical dimension.

This course will give you the skills and understanding of workflow and principles that will allow you to do Full Mouth Rehab.

In 2019 an online based lecture for this topic will be available. This will give you the understanding and theory behind the Hands-On course. 

Hands-on Exercises and Key learning objectives during the 2 days of hands-on:

You get to GO CRAZY on models with no patient repercussions or consequence.

  • Multiple Techniques for prepping a Full Arch
  • How to take Full Arch silicone impressions
  • Use composite and a stent to rebuild opposing dentition
  • Plasterwork
  • Taking bite records multiple ways
  • Make a full arch of acrylic temporaries

Hands-On: With Dr Lincoln Harris

Full Arch Dentistry Hands-On: Monday 26th and Tuesday 27th August 2019

Hands-On Venue: ADA Centre for Professional Development 1 Atchison Street, St Leonards Sydney. NSW 2065

Time: 8:30am to 5pm Daily - Sign in from 8am

CE: 26 Hours (includes 10 hours of online lectures)

Price: AUD$5785 inc GST.

Limited to 24 Dentists 

Sold in Australian Dollars $aud SOLD OUT

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What people are saying about this course...

Great entry course into the process and manual skill set needed to take on those larger cases!

Dr Johan Weemaes

Being a recent grad, the progression towards doing larger treatments pushed me to attend this course. I've had some questions/issues that have come up in practice (eg. bleeding/unhealthy tissues) and now I know what better procedures and materials to use. Thank you very much to both Lincoln & Basil! You are both brilliant!

Dr Lisa Liu

This course provided excellent material in not only the complexities of a full arch rehab, but also provided a workflow sequence that is topical and allowed for excellent dentistry to be done by a good practitioner.

Dr Alex Tam

This course covers the fundamental skills required to do an excellence full mouth rehab. It is by no means easy, but very rewarding to know that it can change your patients' lives.

Dr Alex Tam

Top 3 skills learnt at this course were; 1. Marking long axis of teeth with a pencil to start prepping, 2. Ribbon, reinforced long term provisional bridge work and 3. Using a kebab skewer to mark the occlusal plane.

Dr Lincoln Harris was excellent but his assistants were great as well. Vivek and Dae Hoon added value by offering tips and constructive criticism to all the participants.

Dr Eugene Khoo