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Replacing Pin/Lingual Retainer FPD


Jul 09
pin lingual retainer
Patient complained of discolour and uneven coloured front teeth following previous bonded PFM FPD.

We decided that the discolouration of the anteriors was going to be extremely difficult to even out without full coverage restorations. The patient had uneven tooth colour for quite some time and was very keen to get things as even across the four anteriors as possible.

The patient refused whitening as she did not want teeth that varied in colour quickly depending on if she had whitened or not. She also did not want to have overly white teeth.

The initial treatment plan was to place a FPD from the 12 – 11 and a minimal prep veneer on the 14.

At the tryin, we decided that the translucency was a little bit too heavy and it was dialed back. The patient then requested a porcelain veneer be done on the 22 to give colour stability and as perfect match as possible.



Patient is dissatisfied with the greying of the teeth since a fixed partial denture with metal wings and pin holes was placed. The metal wings are showing through the teeth. There was apical surgery done on the 11 region before the tooth was lost, so placing an implant in the 11 region would involve grafting and surgery that we decided against.


Pontic removed and incisal reduction.


Impression of Pontic area.


Ceramic’s back from Lab.


Patient not quite satisfied with the shade match. I decide to re-shade it. However then patient requests a veneer on the 22 as well as she is very keen on the anterior four looking perfecting matched.


So we do a minimal prep for feldspathic veneer on the 22.


Place flowable in the contact to block out the undercut.
The interproximal silicone kept tearing.


Nailed third impression


The after photo is immediate post insert


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