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Peak implant.


Feb 18
Peak Implant

Peak implant.

Have you reached peak implant yet?

Peak implant is that period after you learn to do implants, and have some surgical confidence and skill, and are trying to squeeze as many into every available patient as possible.

Warnings about long term problems from more experienced practitioners are ignored because you are better trained, more careful and use fancier technology than previous generations.

This is usually accompanied by boasts to your friends about how many you do a year.

Peak implant is usually followed by implant depression as your cases age and get complications you didn’t warn the patient about. Suddenly, you realise that implants are not the cure for Perio and you feel a bit of a dill doing scaling and root planing on an implant with threads rather than a smooth tooth root.

The cases where you extracted all the teeth, and now they have broken the full arch prosthesis three times makes you long for a Linde bridge with the proprioception of periodontal ligaments. Fearing the patients law degree, you chew up the profit of the next seven implants doing repairs for free.

That short period where you did twenty ridge splits made you aware of the amount of resorption that occurs when you split.

That immediate molar craze that you are hoping the periodontist can fix.

The all on four case which, now that the patient has peri-implantitis, you are regretting the 8mm alveolectomy in a 35 year old.

Now you reach grump old man of implants stage, where you warn youngsters of the perils of removing teeth.

They ignore you of course.

They are better trained, more careful and use fancier technology than you do.

Which stage are you at? Have you reached peak implant yet?

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Dr Lincoln Harris has been completely focused on excellence and quality from the beginning of his career as a dentist. He established the first private dental practice in Bargara – Harris Dental Boutique in 2000. Since graduation he has trained extensively in Aesthetic Implant Techniques and Full Mouth Rehabilitation to attain immense skill and knowledge. With his vast dental knowledge Dr Harris coaches and trains dentists from all over the world on complex aesthetic dentistry, surgical techniques and business management. Dr Harris is the founder of RIPE. Restorative Implant Practice Excellence: Full Protocol group an international forum of over 70,000 members worldwide. The purpose of the group is to share information and excellence in the dental industry. He has also lectured in multiple cities throughout Australia, North America, Asia, Singapore, United Kingdom and Europe.

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