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Bone Augmentation After Extraction


Jun 18

Extraction, graft with bone augmentation

Patient came in concerned about her 11 and 22. Both had periapical pathology and she was against root canal therapy on the basis that “infection might spread around her body”.

We had a lengthy chat about her aims, which were to keep her teeth.

Also had talk about the constant breakdown of her other teeth and how to avoid that.

We investigated the tooth under LA and then extracted and grafted. I decided that whether we did an implant, or a fixed partial denture, we would need to maintain tissue volume.

I raised flap because I find it very difficult to properly debride a socket without a flap, and failure to properly debride will result in infection of the graft.

After discussing the fact that the patient had infection in her jaw for such a long time, we both came to the conclusion that she was not likely to have as much infection with root canal therapy, and perhaps saving her tooth would be better. So will probably do RCT on the 22 next week.


Patient presented requesting removal of the 11


Preop Radiograph


Buccal and palatal anesthesia to investigate


Tooth unrestorable. 5mm subgingival on the distal


Mectron piezo with diramond tip for further debridement on the socket


Bone defect cleaned with normal currettes first


Bio-Oss. Was covered with two layers of Bio-Gide. Socket slightly overfilled


Mucoseal to avoid advancing flap. The flap is actually held with two vertical matress and then the mucoseal sutured separately. I find that when I advance a flap, the tissue never looks any good.

Extraction, graft and bone augmentation completed with a review in one week.

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