Auxiliary Hands-on Training

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Every Dental Practice needs a well trained Auxiliary Team

Having a skillful and knowledgeable auxiliary team means the dentist can concentrate on what they are trained to do... Dentistry. 

There are many aspects of how a dental surgery flows and over the past 20 years we have developed many systems that are easy to follow and implement into any dental practice. 

If you are wanting your auxiliary team to complete the most basic job requirements or the more advanced, than these systems will help get you there.  

We will take attendees through step by step processes to give them the skills and knowledge to:

  • Be confident and understand treatment when presenting to patients
  • How to record and be responsible for all patients clinical notes
  • How to take impressions. From choosing the correct tray size and material type to handling gaggers
  • Take full intraoral and extraoral photos for every patient, how to store photos and why they are important
  • Pass instruments, to think ahead and introduce other four and six handed dental techniques

Human Factors

Location: TBD
Date: TBD
Time: 8:30am sign in for a 9am start till 5:00pm
CPD: 7 Hours
Cost: TBD
Limited to: 25 Attendees
All prices inc gst and are in Australian dollars

Register 3 or more attendees from the same practice to receive 20% off course fees, use this code at checkout: auxiliary team deal

Presented By:

Katelyn Murray OHT
Restoring Excellence

Katelyn Murray has worked with Dr Lincoln Harris for over 7 years.  As a Dental Assistant, Katelyn completed her Certificate III and IV in Dental Assisting and became a vital part of Dr Harris's clinical team.  During her first year as a dental assistant, Katelyn was a regional finalist for Trainee of the Year.

With a passion for dentistry, Katelyn pursued her studies at Central Queensland University to become an Oral Health Therapist in 2016.

Katelyn excelled and graduated with distinction and as a member of The Golden Key International Honours Society.

Every Dental Practice needs a well trained Auxiliary Team

  1. Clinical Notes
  2. How to record risks and consent
  3. Patient Communication
  4. ​Understanding treatment plans
  5. How to explain treatment to patients
  6. Intraoral and Extraoral Photography
  7. Impressions: Full Protocol
  8. ​Four - Six handed dentistry

Katelyn is fantastic! Very kind and helpful! She knows her stuff and seems to be an amazing clinician. I’d attend a course held by Katelyn any day

Melodie Power

Thankyou for considering all that is an important part of our role, to empower us to be more involved and in turn a valuable part of our clinical team

Tracey West

I feel more confident in myself after this course. The hands on experience was what made the course fun and enjoyable.

Emily Shoults , Dental Assistant

I now feel like I can help my dentist and be more productive

Khadescia Miller

The Auxiliary training gave me a lot of practice and showed many tips on impression taking. Katelyn was very friendly and helpful

Rachel Bones , Clinical Coordinator