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Unnamed image (7)If you want to learn how to do dentistry realistically with modern and current techniques this course would be it.  The moment I knew I’d made the right choice in coming to Posterior Quadrant Dentistry was when Pasquale started his lecture series. The quality of the photographs and reasoning behind his dentistry is truly eye-opening. The course addresses everyday general dentistry in such great detail that I feel that I can implement in my everyday practice. Thanks for catering so well for us both in food and course content. It has been great.Unnamed image (6)
Dr Lydia Yin Ling Chew – Posterior Quadrant Dentistry

Unnamed image (7)There’s no limit to new techniques that’d make your life easy. This course teaches you just that. Brilliant presentation and individual attention- from the best! The hands on component was the best , as I straight away got to apply the new things that I learnt.Unnamed image (6)
Dr Ishita Puri- Posterior Quadrant Dentistry

Unnamed image (7)The course is great for picking up tips on how to improve your dental work, in particular how to manage difficult cases under rubber dam. The course related to the difficulties that I have doing restorative work and presented the solutions. I really enjoyed the laid back and comedic nature of the presenters.Unnamed image (6)
Dr Plutarch Deliyannis- Posterior Quadrant Dentistry

Unnamed image (7)There is knowledge in this course that cannot be found in any book or article and questions that can be answered here that cannot be answered elsewhere. I realised I’d filled 20% of my notebook as Pasquale explained the importance of contacts and contours, about engineering cavity design, marginal ridge fracture and rubber dam techniques. The only thing I can say to dentists thinking of attending the course is ‘Just do it!’.Unnamed image (6)
Dr Arthur Leow- Posterior Quadrant Dentistry

Unnamed image (7)This course got me excited about rubber dam- enough said. Best course I’ve done in a long time.Unnamed image (6)
Dr Sally McMullen- Posterior Quadrant Dentistry

Unnamed image (7)I learned practical tips that I can actually apply to my practice, for example; most of what I’ve been taught to do causes the matrix band to deform and this caused me many issues. I knew I made the right decision to attend the course when I ran out of note-taking paper!Unnamed image (6)
Dr Edward Cruickshank- Posterior Quadrant Dentistry

Unnamed image (7)Excellent description of how to isolate and adapt matrices. Good discussion of when to restore cracks and which materials to use and why. I also enjoyed the discussion of asymptomatic cracked teeth because I never knew what to do with them!Unnamed image (6)
Dr Lauren Braunston- Posterior Quadrant Dentistry

Unnamed image (7)Pasquale aims for the moon, seeing his work is inspiring.Unnamed image (6)
Dr Steven Ting- Posterior Quadrant Dentistry

Unnamed image (7)If you want to be confident about your posterior restoration, this course will give you an ultimate guideline.Unnamed image (6)
Dr Changhoon Lee- Posterior Quadrant Dentistry

Unnamed image (7)This course broadened my knowledge base regarding many aspects I found difficult. Thanks for such a great opportunity. Amazing!Unnamed image (6)
Dr Adren Alinejad- Posterior Quadrant Dentistry

Unnamed image (7)Dr Harris is very knowledgeable, experienced and happy to share his positive as well as negative experiences….Unnamed image (6)
Dr Shweta Goyal – RETP

Unnamed image (7)Doing Lincoln’s course has been a turning point in my career. Communication, treatment planning, clinical hints/tips all in one. Would recommend to anyone who wants to move from single tooth dentistry to multi units or full mouth dentistry….Unnamed image (6)
Dr Wei Shen- RETP

Unnamed image (7)Simple approaches for complex issues that make sense….Unnamed image (6)
Dr Andrew Thorpe- RETP

Unnamed image (7)Great course. Highly recommend for all dentists ….Unnamed image (6)
Dr Michael Frazis- RETP

Unnamed image (7)Good, direct, clear and straightforward….Unnamed image (6)
Dr Jack Yang- RETP

Unnamed image (7)Very well structured cases. Information delivered in a very understandable fashion. Much appreciated….Unnamed image (6)
Dr David Kao- RETP

Unnamed image (7)Great, approachable, knowledgeable, “real”, funny and entertaining….Unnamed image (6)
Dr Sienna Pat- RETP

Unnamed image (7)Explained a lot of concepts of clinical pearls during the process- lots of questions answered for things previously unclear (for example- cantilever bridge design)….Unnamed image (6)
Dr Howard Yeam- RETP

Unnamed image (7)I loved the course. It was great to force us out of our comfort zones!….Unnamed image (6)
Dr Branka Starcevic- RETP

Unnamed image (7)Such a fun-filled learning experience!….Unnamed image (6)
Dr Mithun Shetty- RETP

Unnamed image (7)Easy to understand, sympathetic of my experience, engaging and well-informed. I will gladly attend further courses by Lincoln. Thoroughly grateful….Unnamed image (6)
Dr Ken Teoh- RETP

Unnamed image (7)Dr Harris is extremely knowledgeable and has the amazing ability to make presentations engaging….Unnamed image (6)
Dr Carson Lin- RETP

Unnamed image (7)REPT is not a course for everybody. But its the one to take for people who seek changes in their work, who can feel they are ready to take on new steps in development but not quite sure how or don’t quite dare yet. Lincoln is a visionary in brand creation and patient management…It has been two weeks since the course and instead of fading away like it usually does, knowledge received on RETP course starts louder and louder banging in my head demanding actions to make changes…Unnamed image (6)
Dr Alina Ruzanova- RETP

Unnamed image (7) Lincoln speaks with humor & complete honesty. You will be entertained and learn what you are doing right and what you may want to changeUnnamed image (6)
Dr James Vogler- RETP