2019 Continuum - Dental Education

Aspire to do Great Dentistry and Feel Confident that your Hand Skills are up to the Task!

Take on Complex Dentistry and Succeed

Do you feel anxious when you see your appointment book full and you've got an afternoon full of fillings?

Do Anterior teeth worry you?

Do you worry if the filling will last or if the patient will feel any pain?

Do you think of taking Lorazapan before work?

Are you anxious and you feel time pressure?

Have you realised that you don't want to give up, you don't want to stop and settle for average but you also need additional skills and training on how to tackle the more complex elements of a full mouth rehabilitation or soft tissue surgery?

Have you seen the failures shared online in forums and groups and you don't want that to be you?

Did you find yourself nodding along? Then this course series is for you.

One thorough CONTINUUM Covering Four Essential Topics:

A new way of learning... All Hands-on. All Relevant.

Take your general dentistry to the MAX!

One Thorough Continuum Covering FOUR Crucial Topics:

8 Days of Hands-On Training = 64 Continuing Education Hours

Sydney, Australia

Posterior Dentistry Hands-On: May 27-28 2019

Anterior Dentistry Hands-On: July 29-30 2019

Full Arch Dentistry Hands-On: August 26-27 2019

Soft Tissue Grafting Hands-On: October 18-19 2019

Hear from Dr Johan Weemaes on his experience going through the Continuum

Why a Hands-on Continuum?

After many years of learning, teaching, and observing students, Dr Lincoln Harris has developed a unique perspective on teaching and a more efficient teaching style.

He believes that knowledge without skill is useless. Textbooks, and theory are no help when you have a patient in front of you and your hands do not know what to do. That’s why his hands-on courses include entire 8-hour days of exercises rather than lots of talk.

Imagine your peace of mind practicing new techniques on a model, in a risk-free environment with an experienced mentor to critique your work. …Compare that with the anxiety of carrying out the first effort in your clinic on a real patient.

When you learn a new skill through hands-on exercise you immediately gain thorough understanding of its complexities in a way that watching someone else does not give. You’ll know where the difficulties lie. So, when an instructor is with you, that understanding allows you to pick up on the tiny details that make all the difference and would have gone unnoticed without it. Your eyes open to tiny hand movements and instrument handling.

But what about THEORY?

We find it easier to fit two day courses into our schedules, and we know you are busy too. So we have recorded our lectures, and made them into online courses which can be viewed at your leisure anytime before the associated hands-on sessions. These online lectures are included FREE when you register for the Hands-On Continuum. The time spent watching these is counted towards the Continuum CPD hours.

What is included in the Hands-On Continuum?

We are passionate about dentistry and teaching, which is why we have developed The Inner Circle Private Mentoring support group to help you through the Hands-On Continuum. 

In addition to attending four x 2-Day Hands-On Modules (64+ CPD Hours) in 2019 you will also receive:

  • ​Inner Circle with Dr Lincoln Harris - Online support in a private group, limited to 24 members per year. (Valued at $12000)
  • One on One Mentoring via private Inner Circle group
  • Six Live Q & A Sessions via private Inner Circle group
  • Invitation to visit our surgery in Bargara. Come and spend two days with us, learn from our team.
  • Access to 40 hours+ of exclusive ONLINE LECTURES (Valued at $2400)
  • 12 months access to our Premium Online Academy - includes over 70+ live patient clinical recordings. (Valued at $440)
  • Two exclusive invitation only dinners during Hands-On modules. 

NEXT LEVEL Dentistry is only 4 modules away!

Posterior Quadrant Dentistry 2019
With Dr Lincoln Harris As we all know, the workhorse of general dental practice is treating toothache, caries, cracks and fracture, predominantly in posterior teeth. You will be amazed at how much your efficiency increases by using the quadrant technique, because all the teeth that need treating in one entire quadrant, are done in the same appointment instead of treating single teeth over several visits. The advantages are numerous. Time-saving use of local anaesthetic in an entire area Reduced setup time Reduced infection control change over Greater comfort for the patient More convenient scheduling for both patient and practice Generates higher hourly rates for the dentist
Anterior Dentistry 2019
With Dr Lincoln Harris So we find that most people who come to see us actually want to look good. Whether they admit it or not. Even if sometimes it's like pulling teeth to get them to tell us. Aesthetics matter. But so does function. You will make a real difference in the lives of your patients when you give them both beautiful aesthetics and robust function! A two day hands-on in Sydney.
Full Arch Dentistry Hands-On 2019
Maintaining or giving your patient a new bite position is the foundation of rehabilitative work. Don't learn the importance of the bite the hard (expensive) way! During this two day hands-on course you will learn crucial techniques for maintaining the bite (in a sim lab) and several different ways to increase vertical dimension. This course will give you the skills and understanding of workflow and principles that will allow you to do Full Mouth Rehab.
Soft Tissue Hand-On 2019
Have you ever felt like your beautiful restorative work was let down by the soft tissue framing it? Start your Soft Tissue Grafting journey with an experienced mentor to smooth the way Learn to Soft Tissue Graft with confidence

Dr Lincoln Harris says:

“Every practicing dentist I’ve spoken with agrees that our university grad skillset barely scratched the surface of what we need to know to do high end dentistry.

It’s actually really hard to prioritize all the possible continuing education topics. So after years of learning the hard way myself, I have developed the Continuum sequence to pave the way for others.

In real life clinical timeframes, efficiency is key. Which is why we tackle Posterior Quadrant Dentistry first, and then move on to aesthetics with Anterior Dentistry.

With the skills that you have gained during the first two modules, you will be ready to venture into Full Arch Dentistry. And then Soft Tissue Grafting techniques, which perfect the frame of your restorative artistry.

This sequence of courses will help prepare you for Full Mouth Rehabilitation.”

What others are saying...

Lincoln is great, he makes the whole presentation exciting, interesting and at the same time full of things to learn.


Anyone can teach you theory and reductions for crowns but this course related it back constantly to the reality of having a real patient in the chair with full arch preps. How to make it worthwhile money-wise, communicating appropriately with the patient, the mental prep as well as the steps to achieving a great full mouth result!

Dr Katie Stellon

I would love to recommend this course for my colleagues to improve their Anterior Dentistry. Well worth the time and investment.

Dr Evelyn Morgado

Top 3 skills learnt at this course were; 1. Marking long axis of teeth with a pencil to start prepping, 2. Ribbon, reinforced long term provisional bridge work and 3. Using a kebab skewer to mark the occlusal plane.

Dr Lincoln Harris was excellent but his assistants were great as well. Vivek and Dae Hoon added value by offering tips and constructive criticism to all the participants.

Dr Eugene Khoo

Lincoln Harris, I have said it before...A kick arse leader, mentor and dentist. Very honest and straightforward.no sweet talk or sugar coating about your work or attitude.

Real learning starts when things go wrong..it's amazing to see how he holds your hand in the most difficult phase of treatment and brings you out like nothing ever happened. Shining star of the whole show.

Dr Sonia Yadav ... Dentist